Friday, August 7, 2009

A Kitchenettes' Theme Party

O is for Octopus Birthday Party

There is nothing better than a kitchen full of girls buzzing around preparing for a birthday party! Our littlest Kitchenette - really just a baby "ette" at this time ~ is turning one on the 8th of August. In honor of Gabriella Grace Young, a "theme party" was created ~ and the theme was the beloved "Octopus". Why, O Why, Do We Love Octopi?? You will have to wait for the unveiling of the Octopus Tale after Gabriella's official birthday tomorrow.

Now, back to the Kitchenettes...

Once you chose a subject the fun begins! How many "octopi" related things for a party could there be?? The girls learned the art of coordinating a themed party and making every detail special! The table was set with a centerpiece of cascading octopi - surrounded by pink plates, cups, napkins and utensils all embellished with little octopi adornments. Each girl received a favor bag with an octopus beach toy and many sweet candy treats.

Our craft projects were royal octopus crowns embellished with brightly colored butterfly sequence. The girls sat in a circle meticulously gluing gems onto their tiaras - absolutely a vision of loveliness.

The menu allowed the girls to acquire many new skills and tips to include: cutting shapes, making scallion garnishes (looked like little lacy octopus- the perfect accompaniment to your dish.), baking, mixing cake, boiling, safety with a hot oven, cupcake decorating, using pastry tools, tablescapes, handcrafts , paper art and many other inspired ideas all woven into one spectacular night of hospitable pursuits!

We feasted on Octopus Wienies with Octopus Crescent Rolls, Fresh Veggies, Potato Chips and the most adorable Octopus Cupcakes!!!

Gabriella was the bell of the ball and even if she does not remember .....I will. These precious girls loved my darling baby and created priceless memories. Thank you ~ I love you all!

Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be. Job 8:7

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  1. Concetta,
    Could it be your little one is already a year old today? (I HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN HER)! Enough with your rambling, I know you tried to get here just a few weeks ago, but I still haven't seen the little bundle of joy except through pictures. I hope you are planning a wonderful birthday today for both you and her. You know I have always said that it is the Momma's who should be given presents on the little dears birthdays because of all the hard work we accomplished on the given day! I pray that both you and her enjoy the special day. Send our love to all.
    love ya,


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