Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Forever Young

Thomas & Concetta Young
20 years of covenant marriage...

Today is my wedding anniversary!
Twenty years ago today I said...
"I Do"
to Thomas Young ~ the love of my life
and became ~ Forever Young!
That is what he promised when he proposed!

Twenty years later and I still....DO!

These are the things I love about my husband:
He is a loving father...
He makes me laugh...
He is never moody...
He never complains...
His kindness never ends...
His glass is always half-full...
He is an example worthy to follow...
His voice takes my breath away...
I still get butterflies around him...
He smells divine ~ all the time...
His hugs and kisses are the best...
He is a godly man and loves the Lord...
I am one blessed wife!


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  2. I tried to leave a comment and it said it published but I don't see it so am trying again. First, Happy Anniversary!!! What a nice-looking couple you are! Love your photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You asked about collages. You can go into Picasa and set up an account (it's free). You can download your photos to Picasa and then you can go into projects (try the help feature) and it will allow you to select photos. After each photo you choose, click the little green thumbtack. After selecting each photo, at the top, click on go back to library and it takes you back to your photos so you can select more. When you have chosen all the photos you want in your collage, select "collage." You can then shuffle pictures, you can move grid spacing, you can make a color you want between the photos, you can select different types of mosaic such as grid, picture pile, mosaic, frame mosaic, contact sheet, multiple exposure....just play with it to see what you like. When you are done, click on create collage and you're done! It's a fun feature! Good luck, Concetta.
    Hugs, Beth

  3. sweet! 20 years is amazing!! We'll be at 17 this July.

    If you join a swap tell me...if I join 1...I'll tell you. lol


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