Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Thursday

Thomas & Concetta
Forever Young
Love bears up under anything
and everything that comes ...
It is ever ready to believe the best of every person...
It's hopes are fadeless under all circumstances...
and it endures everything without weakening...
Love never fails...never fades out
Our Valentine's Weekend was very romantic ~ with some very unexpected twists! Due to circumstances that we did not forsee our finances were not as plentious for our trip as we thought they would be. So...we had to be very creative! It was beyond fun to come up with ingenious ways to spend unforgetable time together without spending any money!
Thankfully - and I am so appreciative for this on Thanksgiving Thursday - our accomodations were already completed! Before we left we went through our kitchen and packed food galore - I also included our toaster and electric skillet! All of the items necessary to make our hotel room beautiful were also tucked into a bag. My husband said to me - "Let's go to St. Augustine and have a Lock-In!" I loved that idea!
We spent a relaxing time just being together...talking-laughing-reminicing...we could not do all the things we initially planned to do - but we were still so abundantly blessed! The only disappointment my husband had was that he was unable to buy my favorite flower for Valentine's Day - the grand tulip! Get ready to smile as you read the bottom portion of this post for a sweet surprise!
TJ and I have had 21 Valentine's together...and I think this was my favorite!


The Love Chapter
I Corinthians 13:4-8a
LOVE suffers long.
LOVE is kind.
LOVE does not parade itself.
LOVE is not puffed up.
LOVE does not behave rudely.
LOVE does not seek it's own.
LOVE is not provoked.
LOVE thinks no evil.
LOVE does not rejoice in iniquity.
LOVE rejoices in TRUTH.
LOVE bears ALL things.
LOVE believes ALL things.
LOVE hopes ALL things.
LOVE endures ALL things.
LOVE never fails...
LOVE = Seeking the highest good for another...
Unconditional & Unfailing
Undefeatable Benevolence
Unconquerable Goodwill

Vilano Beach

Friends trying to join the party...

Sparkling grape juice ~ beach side...

Valentine's Tulips

This is the story of my beautiful tulips....on Tuesday night at our cell meeting my beloved Mary Ann surprised me with these lovely flowers. Guess what? They were just "I love you" gift...and she did not even know that they are my favorite flower or that TJ was unable to buy them for me. God is so awesome...He takes care of all of those details that are so important and meaningful to us.

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