Friday, January 29, 2010

Favorite Things Friday

Look what arrived at my front door! A fantastic food processor from my husband!! He used every one of his rewards points from work to get me this little beauty. I love that man! I have used the same food processor for all 20 years of our marriage and I have just worn it out! It is so old that I will not keep it out on my counter - I hide it in the cupboards - it is a shame, I know - it has been so faithful - but it would stick out and be an eyesore displayed on my counter top.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have received this - now I must reward my sweetheart with culinary delights! I love this kitchen tool - you can do everything with it - including making bread and pizza doughs - and I personally think that Cuisinart is superior!

Here is the other gem of my kitchen - my KitchenAide Stand Mixer - oh definitely one of my favorite things! My parents bought this for me many years ago - I love it so much! My Mom is a fabulous cook and has passed all her talents and tricks over to me. Thank you Mom!

My favorite kitchen appliance!

Look ~ Kindred Spirits!


  1. Finally I get credit for all she has stollen er ah gleened from me.
    My honey (Bill) bought me the Cuisinart processor after I burned out a cheapie one. I was always the cheapskate and he always wants me to have the best. I have learned in the long run his way is the best and I get spoiled in the process.
    I still have my original processor over 30 yrs and it works fine. I am not ashamed to keep my faithful friend out on my work space.
    The Mother

  2. I just have 2 words for you oh dearest of all mothers ~ quiche plate!!!!
    Love you,


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