Monday, February 1, 2010

February Traditions

February is one of my favorite months...
because it is has one of my favorite holidays!!
This Valentine's Day will mark 20 that I have spent
with my one true love ~ Thomas ~ my husband.
Twenty years ago he started the most amazing
tradition to celebrate the day of love and romance.
The Fourteen Days of Valentine
It is a holiday every day starting on the first until
the big finale on the fourteenth.
Each day I receive a special prize and a
handwritten poem!
Look what I was given today!
A beautiful little journal.

The poem is written inside the journal!
This man is not only so thoughtful he is
the most creative person that I know!!
He thinks up a new theme every year -
I don't know how he is able to still come up
with them after 20 years, but he has outdone himself again!
One year he surprised me and crept into my office at the
hospital before I could come to work - he decorated my whole
office and had roses there as well for when I arrived.
The year I was pregnant with Gabriella (our 18th Valentine's)
every day I received an adorable baby-inspired present!
This year he is taking me away for Valentine's
weekend - we are going to our favorite place in Florida -
and where we honeymooned ~ Saint Augustine!
So every day I will receive my poem and a lovely
gift that will prepare us for our trip!

My husand knows how I love to journal, so he started me off with this little book so I could record all the days leading up to our getaway and our marvelous weekend!

I love my husband more today then
first Valentine's we were together.

He truly is the man of my dreams...

the love of my life and my best friend!

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  1. You know February is your favorite month not because of Valentine's Day and your husband, but because it is MY birthday month!!!


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