Sunday, September 12, 2010


Aunt Nanny
Today is Grandparent's Day!
There is nothing better than your grandparents~
I had the best grandmother in the world and the
year anniversary of her going on to be with the Lord
is fast approaching. The day I thought would never
happen - did happen and time keeps passing by without her.
I imagine so often that it is not real - that I will hear her
voice and feel her hugs and she will be cooking something
delicious for me...or a new cookbook will arrive in the mail...
or the phone will ring and she will be telling me how much
she loves me and my family. No matter how much time elapses-
the memories will never fade - for so much of me is a reflection
of my Nanny - so many things that surround me everyday either
came as a loving gift from my grandmother or were inspired by
the things she imparted to me.
I am so much like the original Concetta!
I have shed many tears lately - I become overwhelmed with
missing her and the realization that she is not with us now.
I purpose to think about that she is now in a glorious place
with the Lord - and it brings me great comfort.
The picture is from last August at Gabriella's 1st Birthday Party.
My Nanny and my Aunt Nanny wearing octopus hats!
This was the last family celebration she was a part of before
going on to be with the Lord - and it was even more special
because my grandmother's sister- Aunt Nanny - was visiting
as well. What a treat! She is so precious to our family and
very loved! I loved watching her and my grandmother-
beloved sisters who adored each other! It always reminded me
of me and my sisters. They talked on the phone everyday- and
if the Yankees were playing they would be on the phone
for hours during the game!
My Aunt Nanny is coming for a visit! I talked to her
on the phone (or should I say I blubbered to her-I was
crying so much I could hardly choke any words out!) and
she will be arriving this week - I am so excited!!!
I know we will reminisce about the greatest grandmother
that ever graced the earth - the Nanny of my life.

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  1. Concetta,
    I am sorry that your heart has been heavy as of late concerning your Nanny. She was such a beautiful woman..both on the inside and outside. Wish I was there to hug your neck. check out the comment section of my blog where I addressed you concerning gizzards and missing you...I love you.


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