Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tiny Space ~ Wondrous Place

Wonderful things can happen in tiny spaces ~

Gabriella's Room

Gabriella once shared a room with her older sister ~ Arianah. As sisters go, I would have to say you could not have a better one than Arianah ~ also known as Queenie. She lovingly shared a room with the baby and never complained. It has been our goal to find a way for Queenie to have her own room - a private place all to herself. On November 1, 2009 we moved into our new home @ Forever Young Farm - but all the rooms were taken up and it looked like the girls would have to continue to share a room. The new house only had 4 bedrooms again - although much bigger with lots of space! My mother-in-law lives with us and needed her own room - our 17 year old son, Ryan, has in own world and of course we have the master suite. That left one room and 2 girls left! What to do?

Tiny Space ~ Wondrous Place

Our little princess, Gabriella Grace Young, affectionately known as Squidgey ~ now has an adorable little room! It was once our walk-in closet and we have transformed it into a baby bedroom! Yes, she sleeps in a closet for all intensive purposes...but it is the prettiest closet in the house!

She can display all of her treasures and trinkets.
Down below on the floor are many of her favorite toys
and a basket filled with her tea set.
Baby Blanket ~ Handmade my Sue McKee
Octopus Plate ~ from my beloved friend ~ Jean Skinner.

Collection of Octopi

We love Octopi!


  1. You are the only person that I know that could take a closet and create a sanctuary! Remember when I put Michael's computer room in our bedroom closet in DeLand? I also stuck his computer in our little closet here. Let's just say for the record everytime we start talking about moving his office, his first response is "I refuse to be put in a closet again"! I guess I should have decorated his space with little octopi and tea sets. Then maybe he would have more affection for that space. By the way, I saw pictures on Facebook of your gathering of men and the fab breakfast you made. I also loved seeing your porch...beautiful.
    love ya,

  2. My friend did the same thing a few years ago and it worked perfectly. Just enough space! Creativity will take you a long way!!!

  3. great job using what God put in your hands. :)


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