Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Glorious Fall

Fall is my favorite season...for many reasons! This morning we woke up to a chilly nip in the air - the telltale feel that says fall is here! I love this season for all the traditional reasons: changing leaves, hot pots of soups and stews simmering away, baking delectable apple treats, the aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg, bonfires, ushering in the holidays and all of the other little wonders that make this time of year absolutely glorious!! But, the number one reason above all others is because of my darling husband!
My husband proposed to me on September 20, 1989 ~ a beautiful fall day! His words made me melt as he said, "If you marry me, you will be forever young". I honestly fell head over heels and madly in love with this man from the start and of course said YES! So, we just celebrated our 20th anniversary of becoming engaged and will be married 20 years on April 6. I can say without hesitation that I love Thomas Young even more now than in those early days. He has been the kind of husband you dream about ~ gentle, compassionate, loving, kind-hearted, giving and above all else a godly example of a true man. We have endured many tests and have walked through trials that would make most give up and quit - but, after 20 years our relationship is stronger, deeper and everlasting! The Young family is a testimony of God's love and the miracle of a marriage dedicated to the Lord.
Now - for a little autumn tradition of love ~ every year my husband gives me the most adorable present ~ the littlest pumpkin gourd he can find! It is not truly the fall until my tiny gourd arrives. I absolutely adore these gifts of the heart. He stole my heart a long time ago! You will see my magnificent gourds displayed on the kitchen windowsill - this year I got a double-portion blessing ~ 2 pumpkin gourds!!!

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  1. Concetta,
    I love your header picture, and of course I love to see T.J.'s smiling face!! Have a great day!!!
    love ya,


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