Monday, May 17, 2010

Kitchenettes' Spring Fling

The Kitchenettes' April Spring Fling

Our Hospitality Club had the most magnificent
time enjoying an outdoor tea party and
making homemade bread!
My talented and gifted beloved friend - Jean Crunkilton -
came to my home and taught the Kitchenettes how to make
homemade wheat bread from scratch!
The girls learned step by step how to bake bread
including grinding their own wheat into flour!
Jean is an exceptional teacher - her spirit is loving and gentle
and she is truly inspiring as she imparts her love of baking!
Thank you my treasured friend - what a blessing you are to us all!
We also enjoyed a spectacular brunch outdoors on the porch...
all served on 2 of my most exquisite china sets.
I love to pamper these girls!

Front porch decorated and ready

for the girls to arrive!
A sneak peak at the homemade wheat bread!

Wheat berries to be ground!
Perfect wheat flour!
Dough mixing in Jean's fancy machine!

Haviland Limoges
...a beautiful gift from my beautiful mama

table setting of Haviland Limoges...

me wedding china ~ my most precious set...

handmade paper pom-poms...
the most magnificent party decoration!

front porch table settings...

a table about to be adorned with scrumptious delicacies...

delectable lemon creme-filled cupcakes...

decadent treats to feast on as we sip tea...

brunch is served...

deli platter of assorted meats and cheeses...
a beautiful tomato rose for garnish!

brunch accouterments...

Crudites w/ Creamy Ranch Dip
Fanciful Fruit

Homemade Wheat Bread
Honey Butter

Cupcakes for dessert...

Little Ette Gabriella

My wonderful friends: Paula-Cindy-Jean-Toni
helped make this day even more memorable!

Time to bake bread...
Whole Fresh Wheat Berries!

Freshly ground wheat flour...

Ingredients to make magic in our oven!

The Kitchenettes making bread dough!

The Kitchenettes
The Art of Bread Baking shaping the loaves with Jean
the expert bread maker...

rising dough...good things are happening!

fresh bread out of the oven ~ buttered to perfection...


baking prizes...

the girls each received their own baking supplies...
a mixing bowl-measuring cups and spoons-
wooden spoon - paring knife - Scripture magnet...
Each girl was able to take home a loaf of bread
to share with their family!
The Littlest Ette ~ Gabriella
enjoying the bounty of the day!
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  1. Concetta, What a beautiful setting and how wonderful of you to teach the girls the art of bread baking, supply them with some kitchen items of their own, and prepare a lovely meal for them. The tables look great! Love the Haviland and love your wedding china too! Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed it!

  2. Connie,
    Looks wonderful!!! You better call me and tell me how you did the photos collage!!! By the way, Matt saw the picture on your header and he said, "Oh my, that looks good. Leave it to Ms. Connie!"
    love ya,

  3. Jules..
    That is a big comliment coming from the son of the world's best cook! I enjoyed chatting with you my darling friend!
    Love you,

    Thank you so much for joining me for tea today..I have already been visiting your glorious site today! Now, I must go and purchase books and make that yummy recipe!

  4. How beautiful, and what a great get together. It all looks just wonderful.

  5. I love your everything you are doing! Young girls do need to be mentored and you are wonderful with them! You must have a lot of energy!!

    I have always loved Haviland dishes. So fragile and feminine. All your tables were lovely.
    I do want to come back and try your recipes.
    Thank you for sharing so much with us.
    Wanda and I would love you to come for tea at Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday, our shared meme.
    Blessings, Pam

  6. Yum, yum!!!!!!! It was so much fun!

  7. Looks like lots of fun!! I used to make homemade wheat bread a lot until I had to go gluten free. I sometimes do it for hubby, but not as often as I should. I love the dishes your mom gave you with the swirly edges--so pretty.

  8. Ps. Was the wheat bread one hundred percent whole wheat? I don't make mine from wheat berries, but was wondering. I haven't found a 100 percent whole wheat recipe--they usually add some white wheat or white flour.

  9. oh dear, what a spread! look at those yummylicious treats! and the setting just lovely.. thanks for sharing.. have a good week!

  10. Hi: Love your post! Haviland Limoges is my favorite china. Your set is so beautiful, what a wonderful gift. Have a great week. Looking forward to what you will share next week. Blessings, Martha

  11. Wow I am impressed! Look at all the work you put into the tea party! Just beautiful! My heart be still...look at that homemade wheat bread! I use to bake wheat bread every week when raising my children! Wonderful post! ~Maryjane

  12. Wow!~This is just fabulous!

    That bread is just so mouth wateringly yummy looking and my oh my, what a delightful tea party!..,

    Thanks for sharing these delights and also for joining me and Pamela at our little tea parties!

  13. Goodness! What a wonderful idea for a party!!

    It looks like so much fun!!

    Your porch is just stunning!! And the tables and china are just exquisite!

    What a totally delightful post!!



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