Friday, May 7, 2010

The Wonder Baby

The octopus of our life...

Today our little Gabriella Grace is 21 months old!

I am posting pictures from when she turned 8 months and was overcome with her octopi!

Gabriella was born on 08-08-08

She weighed 8lbs. 8oz.

We were married 18 years when she was born!

Gabriella is my parents 8th grandchild!

She collects 8-legged octopi!

The number 8 = New Beginnings

Gabriella is the bright-spot and pure sunshine!
She is a reminder of God's promises and all of His goodness!
For so many years - 18 - she was not a part of our life and
then all of a sudden the Lord blessed us with a surprise!
Now we cannot imagine life without her effervescent presence!


  1. aww... i remember when she was little like that.. she's grown up so fast!!

  2. What a beautiful baby! What an awesome blog!


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