Friday, August 6, 2010

Dearest Blogging Friends,

This has been a difficult week with my computer - so I have been unable to post! My machine is at the repair shop and hopefully will be up and running this weekend - I have so many updates to share and I am missing all of my link parties this week! I will be back soon!


  1. Computer problems can be a real pain!! Hope you get things working right real soon.


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The Kitchenettes ~ A Hospitality Club

Romans 12:13
Pursue the practice of hospitality.

The Kitchenettes is all about teaching and mentoring young girls in the art of hospitality. It is so much more than cooking or doing domestic tasks ~ hospitality is the very heart of God ~ a demonstration of pouring His love onto others. This group of young girls are learning the very nature and character of God as they serve people and sharpen their skills in homemaking.



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