Friday, June 3, 2011

Graduation Sweets


I am still in disbelief that my son is now officially a
 high school graduate.
How does time fly by so fast?

The night flew by just as fast...
so fast in fact that I was not able to capture all of the moments.
I hosted a party at my home for the four graduates.
My children attend school at our church's academy. 
They have the privilege of going to school
 where God is the center of everything,
the teachers are not just doing a job -
they are ministering to the kids every day.
My children have friends that they have known since they were babies!
The four boys - graduates have known each other all of their lives.
It is an amazing thing!

I had a massive candy bar displayed on my dining room table!
 Graduation Cap Cookies
were compliments of my beloved Mary Ann!

Don't they look yummy?
Fudge Covered Grahams
Reese Cups
Fruit Strips

Moments of a lifetime...

The handsome one 2nd from the left is my boy!
Ryan Harrison Young
The last boy all the way on the right
is Ryan's best friend since they were babies.
They have never known life without each other.
It is so magnificent!


  1. WOW! Now THAT is some Chocolate!

    My 11 yr. old Daughter says that your son is "HOT"! :)

  2. Congratulations!You have a very handsome son..its not a wonder cause his parents are both good looking!and I love all the sweets esp.the grad cap cookie.....

  3. What a nice way to celebrate their graduation together!


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